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Adding a drone to my bag..

I can’t believe it. After years of scowling every time a hornet swarm sounding thing would buzz overhead while I tried to enjoy some solitude in the outdoors, I took the plunge. I am now one of them. WHAT happened? How could I have… Continue Reading “Adding a drone to my bag..”

Is it worth heading outside in the rain?

Is it worth heading outside in the rain?

Final gear change in my landscape kit for 2021

After stumbling across the best deal I’d ever seen on a slightly used Canon 5DSR, I ended up re-evaluating whether or not I actually needed three camera bodies. I’d never had more than just my trusty Canon R before June of 2020 when I… Continue Reading “Final gear change in my landscape kit for 2021”

Seeking Authenticity

Ah, technology. It’s ever evolving complexity is what allows photography to advance with ever more incredible image sensors, detail capture, lens design, and editing processes. Images that were once extremely difficult to capture and share are now shareable with a simple button on a… Continue Reading “Seeking Authenticity”