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Colorado Fall Photography 2020

I just got back from my first fall photography trip. What’s next?

Is 45+ Megapixels really necessary?

With the announcement of the recently revealed Canon R5, it’s hard not to compare it to my existing camera body, the Canon R. I’d known for some time now based on rumors floating around that the R5 would be in the mid-40 megapixel range… Continue Reading “Is 45+ Megapixels really necessary?”

Why the Canon R is my Landscape Camera

When I just started out in photography, I first purchased a Canon Rebel T5 after I finished college and was planning a trip to

Moon at Sunset

Canon 80D, 18mm, f/4, ISO 3200

Angel’s Landing

View from across Zion Canyon.  Canon T5, ISO 100, 1/125, f/4, 10mm wide angle

Dallas Divide, CO

Solana Beach Sunset

Three Sisters

Sawtooth Mountains

Beach Long Exposure