Adding a drone to my bag..

I can’t believe it. After years of scowling every time a hornet swarm sounding thing would buzz overhead while I tried to enjoy some solitude in the outdoors, I took the plunge.

I am now one of them.

WHAT happened? How could I have flipped entirely from wanting to see these annoyances crash into a cliff and then plunge into the creek or lakes below to becoming a remote pilot? Turns out, a lot has changed the last year in the drone world. Let me share a little more about why I decided to grab DJI’s latest 4K enabled model – the DJI Mini 2.

For one, little guy tips the scales at just under the weight limit requiring a FAA Part 107 license to fly. I never seriously considered owning a drone based on the size of most prior models alone. It simply didn’t make sense to carry a big heavy camera bag and then also have to carry a shoulder sling duffel bag to tote along as well. With the diminutive size of the Mini 2, I now can easily toss it into my Mindshift bag and not even notice a difference. Especially when most of my lenses alone weigh 2 – 3x more!

Another pro for stepping into the drone world was the ultra high video resolution capabilities (4K at 30fps) that it would add to my fledgling YouTube channel. Not to say that it’s a requirement, but having some aerial videos surely makes them a bit more interesting! On my first trip with a drone, I was able to capture stunning overhead video of a Colorado winter wonderland for the opening scenes:

And last but not least is the SOUND, or more like lack thereof. I am so thankful for how quiet it is! While the Mini 2 does have the whirring noise that’s been all too familiar since drones became wildly popular, once it flies more than 15 – 20 ft away, I can’t even hear it any longer! This is huge because I never wanted to be “that guy” that is directing a wildly annoying sound machine over others trying to enjoy a pristine day outside. The drastically quieter sound means I can take video overhead (up to miles away) without anyone else even knowing in the area. Cool.

So the more I read and deliberated on the thought of having a barely noticeable tool, in terms of weight, sound, and visibility, to take aerial video and photos, it just made sense. I’m sure the better I get at flying and filming, I will see it as an indispensable part of my bag that is just as important as my 5DSR.

My channel continues to grow daily towards YouTube monetization status, so let the Part 107 studying begin!

I guess I’ve now become that guy.

But with the Mini 2, it’s not so bad anymore.

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