B&W Winter Photography

Ah, the first few days of snow really have me itching to hit the trails to capture the fleeting moments where I am excited that it’s finally winter, but not yet sick of the cold!

Ever since moving to Southern California, I haven’t seen much snow at all. As a runner, I used to dread the miserable weather and short days. But now as a photographer, I love the extended golden hours, colorful sunrises and sunsets cast against a reflective white landscape, and ethereal glow of a fresh snowfall on a still morning.

One thing that naturally goes hand in hand with winter is black and white landscape photography. Unless it’s a colorful start or end to the day, I find the muted browns and greens tend to clash against the fresh glowing white layer around them. So at least this week, I’ve been defaulting to more and more black and white scenes.

Are you a fan of the colder months?

Happy trails,


4 Comments on “B&W Winter Photography

  1. Love all seasons!
    I’m a true New Englander.
    Blessed with 3 feet of snow this week. Magical with Christmas just around the corner.
    Where are these pictures taken?


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