Panorama Week 2020!

I’m trying something new in 2020 – Panorama Week! I just returned from an incredible trip to Colorado and captured so many stunning panoramic views, so I will be sharing my Top panoramic images from the year. Be sure to check back often as I will be posting new panorama below!

Each pano will be available for prints too! They will all be custom orders in either 12″ x 36″ or 10″ x 20″ panoramic prints (depending on proper sizing). Each pano will be framed and priced at $500. Send a message to to get one for yourself! I hope you enjoy these as much as I did while viewing these incredible scenes in person!

October 6, 2020: Rocky Mountain Moonrise

This was taken while driving along the stunning Colorado dirt roads through endless swaths of fall color. The sky lit up a bright pink, illuminating the aspens and Rocky mountain peaks just as the full moon rose overhead. Perfection!

October 7, 2020: Mt Wilson Sunrise, Telluride CO

Few views are more spectacular than Mt. Wilson outside of Telluride, Colorado. The majestic peak towers over fields of endless glowing aspen groves while the sunlight just started to light the mountains with the calm, still hues of sunrise. This is a 6 image panorama, taken at the exact moment I was waiting for. The air was cold and still, the aspens were motionless and just started to glow, and the full Mt. Wilson peak was lit up enough to see. In between moments of seeing my own breath in view of the camera, I hit the shutter 6 times to permanently save this stunning moment!

October 8, 2020: Autumn Rainy Falls

After a day full of rain, the autumn colors were really shining against the rocky mountain cliffs! The waterfall was flowing strongly through the scene and the lighting was perfect to get a balance of the different painted colors of fall. Even though this wasn’t the destination of the hike, I think it stole the show!

October 9, 2020: Alone

Have you ever felt alone in a crowd? That’s what I imagined this lonesome aspen felt as it was surrounded by hundreds of others towering overhead! This scene was somewhere along a dirt road in central Colorado. I stopped the car immediately when I saw the golden sunset side light illuminating the scene, like a spotlight on this lone aspen.

October 10, 2020: Rocky Alpenglow

Have you ever woken up at 5am to watch the sky slowly start to glow before sunrise? The deep blue of the Earth’s shadow slowly dips toward the horizon, and just moments later the peak of Mt. Wilson lit up bright red with the first rays of the new day.

October 11, 2020: Approaching Storms


Just as I got to the top of the mountain, I turned back and saw the inclement weather changing rapidly. The alpine lake we had just stopped to see what incredible, but cold and windy as all hell! This explained that…. Anyway, I ended up hiking as fast as possible back down to the tiny lake in the center of this image where the car was parked, hoping to beat the rain!

October 12, 2020: The Fisherman

My favorite moment in the entire trip to Colorado for the fall of 2020 was this impeccably still, calm moment where a fisherman stood against the shores of an alpine lake as the moon rose overhead. The air was cool and silent, the water motionless, and the full moon rose overhead as the mountains and fall foliage glowed around us. Spectacular!

BONUS: December 20, 2020: Black Dragon Valley Fog

While doing a road trip across the country, I was stunned to drive through a valley of freezing fog in Utah and was greeting with this remarkable view! It was just after sunset, so the red rocks were glowing red with the setting sky reflected back over the winter scene. It was truly remarkable!



Custom Panorama

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