First Signs of Fall – Sept. 2020

This morning was the first day where it started to feel a bit like fall outside. As someone who has lived most of life on the East Coast, living in SoCal has been challenging with the lack of autumn color. The weather is great, sure, but man I miss the changing leaves and cooler days.

I went for a walk around town this morning and found a couple quick views that show fall is starting. In just a few short weeks I will be hitting the road to Southwestern Colorado, so this just got me even more excited.

All photos taken with the Canon R and 70-200mm f/4L IS II.

2 Comments on “First Signs of Fall – Sept. 2020

  1. Beautiful. You captured the feeling quite well.

    I am on the East Coast. Born and raised.

    I just did a hiking trip up at Mt Washington. I met a nice couple and I shared with them my experience as a true northern trying to live down south (I lived in GA and FL at diff points in my life). I missed the seasons so much, but mainly fall. As much as I don’t enjoy the cold, there is nothing like the smell of fall, the feel of fall and the brilliant colors of fall.

    I don’t know that I can live anywhere else. Maybe, but not sure.

    The leaves were changing on the mountain, and the air was brisk at night. Blink and it’s over so I tend to be incredibly grateful.

    Enjoy Colorado…another one of my favorite spots!


    • Thank you! The fall feeling is limited here, at best. So yes I can’t wait to hit the road soon! Hope you get to keep hiking and enjoying it as well.

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